My current blog

My current blog

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I posted on my MLB blog account.  I’ve been using blogger this whole time.  It got annoyed when they decided to change to word press.

  Since it’s now August, the pennant races are starting to heat up.  I think the Giants have a good chance, though i am not sure if they’re world series material.  It’s hard to tell at this point who will be in the playoffs and i am still confused about the extra wild card teams.  Seems pointless since that round is only one game.  I haven’t watch that much baseball in the past week because of the Olympics but the Giants seem to struggle and then comeback, they lost 5 in a row a week ago & then swept the Rockies this past weekend. 

   So far it has been a good road trip for them.  They’ve had a great season so far, despite some injuries and losing their closer Brian Wilson for the season.  Matt Cain’s perfect game in June was unbelievable.  I haven’t been to a perfect game but my dad, brother & grandpa went to one in LA in 1991 when Dennis Martinez perfected over the Dodgers. Though i have been to a few great games myself.  In 1999 I was there when Cardinals outfielder Fernando Tatis hit two grand slams in one inning at Dodger stadium.  Another was when the Dodgers were ahead of the Giants by 5 runs and lost to them in the 9th inning.  My grandpa had to leave early so i was a bit upset about missing the Giants 9th inning run, can’t even remember what year that was!.  Early on some of the Giants fans predicted Matt Cain on throwing the next no-hitter after Sanchez, and even better he got a perfect game.  It was unbelievable, that was my first perfect game to watch since they’re a local team.  I didn’t watch Dallas Braden’s a couple years ago, not much of an A’s fan at all.


Game 6 of 2011 World Series… AMAZING

I just returned from Italy this past Monday.  I must say it was exhausting though i managed to rush home after leaving the airport and catch the last 4 innings of  game 5, which wasn’t a pretty sight for the Cardinals.

I have said this before i do love the Cardinals, i know its weird to like 3 teams but just get over it. 😉 Anyhow with Tuesday being a travel day, Wednesday was postponed, it was kind of a itch to wait since i haven’t seen a game in almost three weeks! Italy is all about soccer (yawn) sorry soccer lovers!

Finally Thursday comes along and its freezing but clear n sunny in St Louis so that means there’s gonna be a game played! The start of the game seemed like it was going really quick & the Cardinals weren’t all that sharp, i honestly didn’t think after the errors we were gonna blow this.

Amazingly enough in the 8th and 9th they’re down to the last strike like in ’86 with the Red Sox & Mets.  It seemed like a game at Coors field, each side keeps scoring and its still a very close game til the end.  By the 11th inning, after the Rangers got out i hoped this would be the last inning because i was about to fall asleep, and my cat is asleep on my lap so i can’t move anywhere.

I had stopped keeping score because the card only went 10 innings. Anyhow David Freese who is one of those common players you don’t expect much from, comes up first i think it was the first pitch and it was all over and i hear Joe Buck going “we’ll see you tomorrow night!” It was so loud i only actually heard “night”  I was going to jump up and down screaming but my folks were asleep.  But instead i threw my fists in the air and grinned from ear to ear.

I don’t think I can compare this to the last game of the regular season.  They were both amazing nights in baseball history.  The Cardinals were 8 games back from the Brewers in August it didn’t seem like they had much hope. The game starts in under 3 hours, i think the Cardinals will win and Freese will hands down be the MVP.

I am done for now & i’ll try and remember to blog afterwards if i am not too tired.

regular season is over, but here come the playoffs!

I can’t believe I haven’t been here all summer! I have my other blog and just talk about everything there. I wasn’t too fond of the change to wordpress.
Sadly the Giants struggled all season long with injuries, including Buster Posey & Freddie Sanchez who were a big part of our lineup in 2010. The Posey injury was a big blow to all of us. It wasn’t a fair play, Scott Cousin’s didn’t have to ram across home plate like a linebacker. The good news is he is healing well and hopefully he’ll be good as new for spring training. They fell out of the playoff race during the last weekend of the season, so close! I don’t understand how the D’backs were better than is, i still don’t see it. Though they are down 0-2 in the NLDS with the Brewers! 😀
I would really like to see the Brewers & Cardinals in the NLCS, so far the Cardinals & Phillies series is tied. As for the American league i’d like to see the Rays or Tigers make the series. The Yankees may make it, their pitching isn’t very good right now so i don’t know how far. I’m gonna be in Italy for the rest of the playoffs! ;( Hopefully a lot of places will have wifi so i can keep up via MLB at bat app on my iPod. I know it’ll be fun and worth it, i love traveling and seeing more of the world!
Bye for now! Probably my last post for a while but i will be back on here when i get back. Take care all!

Struggles in SF

Hi Giants & all baseball fans 😉 The SF Giants are on their last series in this long road trip. Probably the longest of the season. They did okay in Pittsburgh, winning 2 out of 3.  Sadly we have been plagued with numerous injuries and Madison Bumgarner isn’t what he was last year, he probably could use a few months down in Fresno & bring someone else up.  He hasn’t received his first win thus far. We had seen a major improvement with Sandoval since losing nearly 40 IBS over the offseason.  Sadly he just broke a bone in his hand from practice swinging the bat.  He may have lost his chances in being an all star, the ballots have already been started, I am putting in a lot of votes for Buster Posey and Cody Ross (write-in)
  Though I usually disagree with SI’s picks for the standings results, they had predicted the Cardinals 4th.. i understand that with Wainwright out all season they’ll struggle with starting pitching but they have a ton of offense. They did pick the Giants first but as of right now that is hard to see,  its hard for anyone to make predictions in March or April. Til next time! Please keep praying for Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was critically injured by two cowards outside of Dodger stadium on opening night.  I think he is improving but still has not awaken from the coma.  The two idiots aren’t even baseball fans, they’re thugs and hopefully one day they’ll pay for what they did!

Finally 2011 season is here!

  I know i say this a lot but i have been bad about not updating! Sorry for my absence to whoever likes reading this.  I’ve been through a lot personally in the past two months, i am doing a lot better now since i’ve been to the dr’s and gone through 5 tests. I can finally sleep well at night, and more importantly watch my Giants 😀
  They have gone through a rocky first week especially being on the road, going 2 and 6.  Today’s home opener was pretty exciting at the beginning and end but not so much the top of the 9th.  I don’t think Brian Wilson is 100% ready since he almost blew Wednesday’s game.  Perhaps he can have another day or two off. Though the home plate umpire & Tejada had some of the blame.  But I got over that real quick when they rallied to tie the game and finally winning in the 13th like last years home opener.  It is super hard getting opening day tickets, i have tried buying them for several years though i think its better off just getting season tickets.  I may eventually do that when i am older and have saved up a lot of money.  Of course it was a lot harder this year since they had won the world series, i did get some nice tickets for May, June & August.
  I’ve been impressed with Brandon Belt’s rookie year so far, i know it has only been a week and he is replacing injured Cody Ross.  I am hoping Belt doesn’t have to go back to Fresno when he Ross returns and Bochy will make smart adjustments and get Aubrey Huff out of right field somehow  Belt did have a great spring as well as last years rookie Buster Posey.  I am hoping that he will make the all star team this year i don’t think he has too many guys to compete with other than McCann from Atlanta & Molina from St. Louis. Another improvement of course has been Pablo Sandoval who has lost nearly 40 pounds and is so far looking impressive defensively & offensively. I am hoping this is a completely different year for him.
  I do want to go into the Dodger vs. Giants rivalry thing.  As many of you know there was a fan beating at Dodger stadium on opening night.  Hearing this really outrages me.  Yes its okay to be a Dodger fan and live up here, or be a SF Giants fan living down in LA. WHO CARES! Really, people need to grow up.  I truly hope the poor Giant fan (Bryan Stow) will be okay, i’ve been praying every night since the incident.  I know the Dodgers & Giants go way back into the late 1800’s and have been going at each other ever since.  If you are a true fan you certainly shouldn’t lay a hand on another baseball fan.  You’re a fan of the same sport and this is America’s Pastime, not a boxing match. I hope they catch the two cowardly assailants & they’re gonna be punished big time for this.

Spring Training is finally here & a little fanfest story

 Hello everybody! Its been exactly two months since my last entry! Y’all gotta remind me to blog, but that is understandable when the season is on hiatus. There hasn’t been much going on except for a few trades, Cliff Lee going back to Philly was one of the big surprises to me.  I had thought he would stay in Texas, but i guess they don’t have the money for his demands.  The Giants did pick up Tejada and dumped Uribe (to the Doyers!) 😦 & Renteria. 
  At fanfest, we had noticed Pablo Sandoval had lost A LOT of weight during the offseason, hopefully this will improve his game for the season.  I can’t wait for opening day since the pitchers & catchers just reported to their camps a week ago. I will be going to two games so far i bought tickets for a game in May against the Dbacks & in June against the Twins.
  As surprisingly crowded fanfest was going to be this year, i went anyway since i don’t do all that much & is quite boring where i live.  My father & I left the house about 8 and there was some traffic on the 101 but first had to stop at Safeway for sandwiches because I remember last year we were starving because we didn’t bring any food with us.  But anyway I got to the park around 10:20 and there was already a line of cars trying to get into the parking lot & a line of people all the way up to the east bay bridge, i think that line was to see the trophy, so i went into the marina gate but there wasnt much of a line at all & the ticket line was just about as long as the trophy line was, but only a few people knew to go through the marina gate up to the club level.  A friend had advised me to start at the club level because there would be a slight chance players would sign autographs, no luck there but i did get close to the players, like Matt Cain, Brian Wilson, Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner & Bruce Bochy. I stood up most of the time on the right side of the stage listening to Cain, Bochy, Mullens, Lincecum, Sanchez & Wilson then after that Timmy had gone up to someone and signed a autograph for her but it made the place a fiasco and i was bumped up front.  I felt really bad because someone had pushed me onto an old man in a wheelchair. ;( I said sorry like 10 times and he just looked at me like “wth” but what can i do other than say sorry?? Well anyway there wasn’t anyone really sitting up the front of the stage so i went up there & sat at front listening to the knbr guys before Posey, Bumgarner & Sandoval showed up.  I had a good footage of their conversation & took hours to get on youtube because it was like 17 minutes long. check it out even though its shaky, i did have caffeine & a lot of it that morning.   Anyway after Posey, Bumgarner & Sandoval had left i got up and went down to the press box and sat there & listened to the knbr stage as i ate my sandwich.  When i was done i had gone to the field & toward the dugout but it was much more packed unlike last year. So i tried going into the clubhouse that way but the old man wouldn’t let me & by the time i got to the other side around 2:30 the guard said they were closing up ugh!! ;/ Anyway it was a bummer since i heard they were selling buster posey posters inside & there was a line for EVERYTHING. ;O  So i started walking away from the park on embarcadero & saw Andres Torres in his very fancy new car, a porche maybe? i dont really remember & not good at recognizing cars by their make, plus his bodyguard was telling us to go away & we were trying to get autographs.  But it was a pretty fun day but hectic since there was way too many people there, i am afraid all the bandwagon fans from oakland had come over. Anyway the spring training games will be starting in about a week or two! Im  very excited for 2011 season, this has been a long offseason not as long as usual since my team won. 😉

5 Giants win Gibby awards (this year in baseball)

Its been more than month since my last entry, that’s obvious since there isn’t much going on during the off season, except of course the meetings and all the trades. The Giants recently acquired SS Miguel Tejada & re-signed Burrell & Huff. The Giants tried to offer Renteria a 1 yr $1 million offer but he is whiny about it for some reason.  He did not do all that much for us, just the world series in game 5 and opening day. Anyway last night they finally revealed the winners of the This Year in baseball… Of course i’ll highlight the Giants.. Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum, Brian Wilson, Bruce Bochy, Brian Sabean are among the 5 winners in different categories. Hope everyone is having a happy holiday season so far!! I’ve got my SF Giants championship ornament at the very front of our Christmas tree. 😉


40 — Josh Hamilton
29 — Joey Votto
13 — Robinson Cano
10 — Miguel Cabrera
8 — Albert Pujols


57 — Roy Halladay
30 — Felix Hernandez
6 — CC Sabathia
4 — Adam Wainwright
3 — David Price

Breakout Player

50 — Carlos Gonzalez
36 — Jose Bautista
6 — C.J. Wilson
5 — Trevor Cahill
3 — Mat Latos

Dependable Player

43 — Ichiro Suzuki
39 — Roy Halladay
8 — Felix Hernandez
6 — CC Sabathia
4 — Neftali Feliz

Setup Man

49 — Joaquin Benoit
21 — Mike Adams
20 — Hong-Chih Kuo
5 — Daniel Bard
5 — Luke Gregerson

Defensive Player

27 — Elvis Andrus
26 — Franklin Gutierrez
22 — Ryan Zimmerman
15 — Yadier Molina
10 — Mark Teixeira


66 — Brian Sabean
29 — Jon Daniels
3 — Walt Jocketty
1 — Andrew Friedman
1 — Jed Hoyer


64 — Bruce Bochy
14 — Bud Black
8 — Ron Washington
7 — Ron Gardenhire
7 — Bobby Cox


68 — Buster Posey
16 — Neftali Feliz
8 — Jason Heyward
5 — Austin Jackson
3 — Jaime Garcia

Postseason MVP

56 — Tim Lincecum
35 — Cody Ross
4 — Matt Cain
3 — Colby Lewis
2 — Robinson Cano


58 — Brian Wilson
20 — Neftali Feliz
11 — Mariano Rivera
8 — Heath Bell
3 — Rafael Soriano


46 — Carlos Ruiz
26 — Pat Burrell
12 — Omar Infante
11 — Brett Gardner
5 — Danny Valencia


53 — Roy Oswalt
36 — Brooks Conrad
6 — Golden Knights
3 — Adam Jones
2 — Nyjer Morgan


89 — Mark Buehrle
5 — Josh Hamilton
3 — Ryan Braun
2 — Nyjer Morgan
1 — Asdrubal Cabrera


49 — Dallas Braden
41 — Bobby Cox
5 — Chris Nelson
3 — Daniel Nava
2 — Trevor Hoffman

Fan Moment

61 — Bo “The Bailer” Wydler
22 — Yankees Fan
8 — Ian Driben
7 — Ichiro Suzki
2 — A’s Fan


64 — Armando Galarraga
31 — Roy Halladay
2 — Carlos Gonzalez
2 — Dallas Braden
1 — Ubaldo Jimenez


65 — Strasburg’s debut
20 — Rockies comeback
9 — Halladay’s perfect game
5 — Conrad’s walk-off slam
1 — Price-Sabathia duel

Postseason Moment

69 — Halladay’s no-hitter
21 — Renteria’s clinching homer (World Series Game 5)

8 — Giants win the Series! (World Series Game 5)
1 — Uribe’s go-ahead blast (World Series Game 3)

1 — Lee’s ALDS Game 5 gem